“Obedience is a conversation with clear and consistent understanding of expectations on both ends of the leash.”

Chris Winkler, Founder Elite K9 Training

Foundational Obedience

Owning a dog is a relationship. Relationships are built on communication. Foundational training is focused on creating a stable and reliable form of communication between both ends of the leash. Trust and work ethic are produced within the dog from a high-functioning relationship that has clear and concise communication. This program starts in your home and works up to your walking routes, and then ends up in our tiered group class schedule. Group Training happens weekly and is offered once your trainer feels that you and your dog are ready for them. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Group classes are offered for life with a single investment in foundational training.

As a training company, we have learned that 10-packs are a poor way to do dog training, as it sets the consumer up to continually pay more to actually meet their training goals. We do not offer board and train options, as it is not effective and has a 60% depreciation as soon as the leash enters the owner’s hands after the boarding. From its time in boarding, the dog expects high-level communication, well-timed and coordinated movements, and payments from the trainers. The issue with Board and Train approach is the work is done with the canine and not the handlers. Because of this, the owners will not have the necessary timing or coordination to meet the dog’s new expectations and tempo, leaving the dog confused and the owners even more frustrated. We stopped offering this service due to the lack of efficacy.

Our passion is to teach you directly alongside your dog; granting you the benefit of being the fabricator of the trust and communication within the relationship. It’s a pivotal part of our custom education and gives you the best opportunity to find the relevance and reverence that you are seeking through training.

We want to provide a service that follows through and meets and or exceeds the client’s expectations. Training is just like the gym, we can’t expect to maintain gains without going through the motions on a routine basis. We want to teach you to train your dog and have the communication and skillset to have command and control of your dog in any situation. To meet this requirement our training is unlimited, we don’t stop until the client is happy, and we offer group classes and community engagement events weekly and monthly to offer opportunities to stay current in the communication with your dog.

Advanced Obedience

Advanced obedience training is the pinnacle of training and the furthest point of conversation between the canine and human that is instructed at Elite K9 Training. In this course, we spend more time in the classroom and expand the mindfulness and skillset of the handler. The focus is on higher and deeper conversations with the dog, more proximal accountability of behavior, and confidence in behavior amongst environmental assailants.

Deeper conversation and more proximal accountability are achieved through instructing and training the ‘Line of Communication’ with the E-Collar. We focus on generating the handler’s confidence in the dog’s ability to perform in varying circumstances and through heavy distraction.

This course is recommended for those who want to have off-leash dogs, trail and hiking companions, working dog applications, and those who want to have the highest level of communication with their dog.

Not sure where to start? Tell us about your dog and we can get you started. We can help with any breed, temperament, or behavior!

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