Meet: Brooks Andrews

Meet K9 Trainer: Brooks

Brooks Andrews grew up with dogs around his whole life. Currently loving and living with 3 dogs; Dixie, Max, and Bane.

Shortly after high school, he joined the Air Force and was lucky enough to work side by side with Military Working Dogs and their handlers. He volunteered time at the kennels and got to sit in on training problems and even hop in a bite suit to see if he could outrun the MWDs…

Watching these animals perform complex tasks under extreme levels of stress is what originally piqued his interest in training.

In 2018, he separated from the Air Force and was prescribed a Service Dog, where he was trained to certify his own dog Dixie as a service dog. He learned how powerful it could be to have a companion to engage with and redirect irrational fears into something more productive. This was not only true for him, but it related to dogs’ own irrational fears.

“I am as important to my dog as they are to me in building confidence.”

Since then, he has immersed himself in the world of dog training; as a kennel technician, doggy day care, dog walking, trainer, protection sports, scent work, tracking, training courses, seminars, and the list goes on…

Now, he is sharing the opportunity with others of how powerful structure and leadership can be in building a strong relationship, as well as a confident and reliable companion (K9 and handler).




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