Aggression is one of the most received calls for help we receive at Elite K9 Training, our first step in the process of modifying this behavioral output is to identify the source or reasons for the display, finding the root cause. Displays of this behavior can look like: Becoming Rigid, Growling, Snarling, Bearing Teeth, Lunging, Nipping and/or Biting, and Activation of Heckles (raised fur at the neck line and spine extending to the haunches area of anatomy). If you are experiencing these behaviors training is highly recommended as the dog generally will climb the proverbial “Aggression Ladder”, when this behavior goes unmodified or corrected properly, the dog’s brain processes this as a triumphant “win”, meaning as the dog achieves it’s desired outcome from the display it will eventually get stronger and more aggressive to continue the “wining mindset”.

Aggression is on one end of the spectrum of reactivity, on the other side of that spectrum would be over excitement and a submissive roll to the back and urinating on one’s self. At Elite K9 Training we address undesirable behaviors in the form of aggression as a reactive behavior set and use proven science and desensitization techniques to help the aggressive dog make a new decision about its commitment to being aggressive. There is nothing we have not seen in the arena of aggressive dogs. Understanding behavior and micro-behaviors, catalysts, precursors, and outcomes is the key to changing the decision-making pattern in your dog. Let us show you the power of science-based training and make a stable and reliable dog in your life. Fixing this behavioral issue relieves you as the owner from making excuses for or apologizing for your dog’s erratic and dangerous behavior! At Elite K9 Training we make this very possible and we help people achieve peace and confidence in their home and walking routes all the time!

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