We’ll be working one-on-one with the most elite K9 decoy’s in the world, Thodoris Mitropoulos.

Thodoris Mitropoulos


36 years old from Greece is a professional dog trainer and decoy.

He is known officially as: “Todos International K-9 Decoy”. His love for dogs leads him to follow this career and passion. He began 14 years ago and his motto is: “I want my best friend to be able to protect me.” He is a man with passion and energy for what he does, that’s why he trains working dogs in many controlled dangerous scenarios that handlers encounter in the field… he is one of the most famous Decoys worldwide. Unique, fearless, athletic, with “speed of light” reaction to the dog’s bite, which enables him to face and elevate the skill level the most highly trained K-9s.

Full Day of Training

175$1 Day

2 Days of Training

325$2 Days

3 Days of Training

500$3 Days

4 Days of Training

650$4 Days

5 Days of Training

850$5 Days

6 Days of Training

1000$6 Days


Tactical Tracking and Trailing 

K-9 Stress Management

Handler Stress Management

Team Building

Bite Work Scenarios:

  • Real World Scenarios
  • Vehicle Born
  • Choke Point Security
  • Warehouse/Stadium/Professional Building Apprehension Sweeps
  • Multiple Aggressor
  • Perfect for Operational K-9 Teams
  • Family Protection
  • Property Protection
  • Livestock Protection
  • Personal Protection


  • Warehouse/Stadium/Professional Building Detection Sweeps
  • Narcotic and Explosive 
  • Cold Weather Tracking and Ground Picture
  • Cold Weather Trailing and Air Picture
  • Conditioned Responses for Finds

We will be working with Industry professionals, RAY ALLEN Manufacturing, who will also be selling/showcasing their merchandise and swag. We will be hosting REAL DEAL DOG TRAINING out of Los Angeles.  Dave Mullican will be in the house providing lessons learned and the mindset of our targets. Elite K-9 Training is the host of this 8 day event. We are opening 6 days to the public and reserving two days for first responders, local PD’s, and Sheriff assets. 

The 8 day event will start February 2, 2020, of which February 4-9th, 2020 will be open to the public. Space is limited, and we are only allowing a handful of participants, so please purchase and secure your spot with us today! 


Contact us for further questions and/or concerns:
Elite K9 Training LLC
Chris Winkler – Lead Handler


To audit the seminar, 1 day is $90 and it is $150 for the week.
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